Launch group success!

Milksok is now a Princes Trust Supported business!!
I mentioned in our last blog post that we were preparing for a business launch group - a process young entrepreneurs undertake during the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme.
It was amazing to talk through the various aspects of our business with industry experts, we were fully prepared for lots of constructive criticism. What was especially encouraging was their thoughts so far on our business and our plans on how we intend to move forward. To have experienced people complimenting the Milksok brand and business plan left us feeling up beat and confident with the future plans and vision of Milksok

As expected the panel were lovely, encouraging and insightful, anyone who is interested in the process or knows someone that is interested in it then I would really urge you to go for it. Not only does it encourage you but it helps to give you structure in an otherwise overwhelming task. We now have at least three years mentorship alongside access to a wealth of advise, information and practical help offered by industry experts!
Any self employed person will say how easy it is to loose focus and feel disheartened when attempting world domination so to have people who know their stuff telling you you’re doing alright is a real a tonic!  
So what now for Milksok?
We have an exciting year planned with the launch of at least two more designs coming very soon. Along side this we hope to document our journey with a series of (hopefully) insightful and ( hopefully) enjoyable  blog posts as we embark on this journey with two kids and a cat in tow!
We hope to offer you more special offers and promotions like the one we ran over Christmas and we will also be coming to a town near you soon as we are keen to run some pop up events, so do sign up to our newsletter if you're interested in coming to see us!
Thanks for reading and come back soon!

Sam x

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